Use this Prayer for Attracting Abundance and Prosperity into your Life

Our Great and Powerful Father, we lift up all our praises, all our Thanksgiving and all our hearts to you. You are indeed a Mighty and Holy God, a God of power and wisdom, a God of peace and love, a God of prosperity and abundance. There is none like You. I praise you with all my heart, oh God. We look forward to your coming. You are our King. You are omniscient and are in complete knowledge of everything. I believe that you are present everywhere, at all times.
Father, thank you for the life You have given us. Thank you for everything that we now use and live in. Thank you for our homes and families; and thank you for Your unending blessings to all of us, Your children. Today we pray Oh Lord, for Your provisions. We put our great trust in You, oh God, that we may prosper in every aspect of our lives. Lord, we know that even before we ask You anything, You already know what we need, and yet You yearn to listen to our voices, just like a father who loves to listen to his children’s stories. We ask, dear father, for more people to know You in a better way. In this way, more and more will know who You are and what amazing and wonderful things You can give to all of us, and how much You love us. Please give us more of Your wisdom, so we may know how to speak well to others. We ask for more patience, so we can be gentle just like You. We ask for strength, so that we can be better warriors of the battle against all evil, and that we may be able to fight temptation and only follow your commandments in life.
Lord God we also pray for the abundance of blessings from you. We pray for freedom from financial problems, emotional problems, psychological problems, health problems, family problems and personal problems so that we can be filled with more of You and lesser of us. We bind all these troubles and admit that these trials stand nowhere to the trials given by You to your beloved Messengers, and we lift all of our burdens to You, Lord. Just like what Prophet David sang: “Indeed we will be blessed and we will prosper, because You are a God of abundance and prosperity, and your love is everlasting!” Your grace is sufficient for us oh Lord, and there is nothing else that we need other that You.
We will be forever grateful for your boundless love, and we give back all of our praises and thanksgiving to the Only Living God. Hear us, Lord. We pray for all the Messengers and Prophets whom You sent on this earth to guide mankind. Amen.
End of prayer.

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