Sports Cars vs Regular Cars

When choosing to buy the right car, it is important to note that not all cars are the same. Cars come in several different grades and types, and just because a car is more expensive does not automatically mean that it’ll suit all your needs than a car that is half its price. It’s common for people to opt for a cool-looking sports car when it doesn’t offer the kind of practicality you need for your everyday driving. There is a huge difference between sports cars and regular cars that people should take note of.


The obvious difference between the two is that sports cars do have much stronger engines, with higher horsepower capable of pulling off impressive numbers. A faster car requires shaper reflexes. In the most practical sense, you don’t really need that much power for your everyday needs due to speed limits, so ask yourself if it is really necessary for you to have that much power in a car.


A sports car requires a different suspension kit to accompany and support the aggressive driving style that comes naturally with a powerful engine. One example is Pedders – suspension kits with high performance. These suspension kits are often smaller than normal suspension kits found in regular cars to lower the car’s ride height. This helps to stabilize the car at high speeds.


The gearbox in a sports car is different, and much more demanding than one in a regular car. Gearboxes in sports cars have lower ratio performances to allow the driver to quickly change gears while cruising at top speed. As a result, transmissions in sport cars tends to wear out much quicker than regular gearboxes so be mindful of the type of metal being used for the gearbox; some type of metals wears out faster than others.


It’s important to note that a sports car is often engineered to minimize unnecessary weight so that a car can go faster. So tires on a sports car tend to be different as well. They are lighter, and the side wall of the tire is lower to provide better stability to the car on tarmac at the expense of a driver’s comfort. Speaking of comfort…


Comfort takes a backseat when you are talking about a car that is designed to go fast. The combination of the sports wheels and suspension and demanding gearbox makes sports cars less comfortable and more difficult to drive in, especially due to the low ride-height. More at

It’s always advisable to take a sports car for a test drive before buying one outright. A car may look good, but it may not be practical for your needs. Especially if you’re not the type of driver that is able to handle the incredible power that comes from sports cars.