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On the Push- A Surfer’s Guide to Climate Change
Stunning surf photography, funky music and beautiful locations. On the Push offers an approach to global warming which is enjoyable and accessible, but also inspiring.

On the Push is a story about how Anne, an ordinary surfer girl from Wales becomes an eco-activist. We follow Anne’s journey from Porthcawl to Cornwall, Spain and Switzerland as she learns about the serious threat of climate change- and how a surfer can help protect the marine environment.

Featured Surfers include – Pete Jones, Chris Hines, Sarah Bentley, Tony Butt, Will Henry, Beth Mason, Gwen Spurlock, Jo Dennison and Greg Owen

Rising sea levels because of global warming could lead to a loss of waves at low tides, oceans may become more acidic, choking the life out of our ‘playgrounds’ and making it a lonely place to surf or sail.

The prospect of a reprieve for nuclear power could result in more localised pollution from radioactive discharges and signs posted from environmental agencies saying not to use the water for recreation. There is much to be concerned about but there are solutions.

Who are we?
Undercurrents is an award winning charity producing and distributing videos reflecting the UK & global environmental issues.
We are a 100% non-profit company working with people marginalised or overlooked by TV broadcasters.